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    Fantastic birth announcement! #Tribut #Rockstar #lifestyle #baby #birth #birthannouncement

  • Cheryl Boardman-Ward

    Funny birth announcement, even if it does set the kid up for total failure in life!

  • Shereen Fiorito

    Birth announcement. Too funny! #baby #announcement

  • Shelly Ramirez

    Birth announcement, which is cute, until you realize later in life that you took your kid's first mug shot, and you can compare how your kid aged through his or her mug shots over time.

  • Rodrigo West

    LOVE this birth announcement #Cute Baby #baby girl #cute kid #baby boy #lovely kid|

  • MicheleBlue

    Fantastic birth announcement - cute idea, but does this kind of put in mind that you want your kid to grow up to be a criminal? OR am i over-thinking too much?

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