armpit hair troll tattoo...

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| 29 Truly Terrible Tattoos - I am so glad to see that the intelligence of the human race continues to evolve.... WAIT! I meant DEVOLVE!

Quite possibly THE MOST Stupid tattoo of all time.

Lol that's awesome


Bad Tattoo- who could possibly even want that??


FUNNY!! ;)


I know these people!! That’s not what you think it is: | The 26 Most Unfortunate Pictures Ever Taken

Seriously, I'd rather be fat.

This little piggy............


hate it when that happens....hahahaha

Too funny

no tattoos

horrible but I laughed

Funny Confession Ecard: Everyone is all 'I want roses, chocolate, and romance' and I'm all, 'I want tattoos and wine'.

made me giggle