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Ending Water Poverty: 1) Everyone must be involved 2) Everyone must contribute 3) Everyone must monitor

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The plastic water bottle effect

The #plastic #waterbottle effect. This #inforgraphic shows even more reasons to make the switch to resuable water bottles. Image is courtesy of the #Ways2GoGreen blog

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Why Are People Eating Their Own Trash?

I am not getting any writing done this way, but what the hay, it is summertime. Enjoy! The water is Fine?!?!?!?

Water Conservation for a Growing World - Where the water goes. Water Problems. Water Solutions. [infographic @Amanda Snelson Snelson Wendelbo] #sustainability #environment #wateruse #waterconservation #savewater

What is your water footprint? Check out our article on the different types of water consumption and how to lower your water footprint!

Today is the 19th annual International World Water Day International World Water Day, a day devoted to spreading awareness of the world water crisis. Get the water facts below, find out the simple ways you can help, and share with your family and friends. And then please share with us the ways in which you try save water every day.

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Why you should care about water conservation: Infographic

Why you should care about #water conservation #infographic #sustainability

Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planetfrom Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Climate change evidence: How do we know?

'Time for a paradigm shift in awareness of our own cause and effect on the environment. Most people are currently oblivious to the sum total of their seeming little actions in the context of the big picture.' See also:

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Change the Course [INFOGRAPHIC]

The U.S. footprint 2X THE GLOBAL AVERAGE. And it lands all over the world, depleting rivers and groundwater. TAKE A PLEDGE TO SAVE A RIVER- See How Everyday choices can restore the Colorado River.

On March 22, the Teva World Water Day Challenge asks participants to give up water in one simple area of their life for the day. From no showers, laundry and teeth brushing to waterless culinary creativity, the day promises to be one full of stories and building awareness.

Water Will Be The Oil Of The 21st Century: Fresh water needs exceed growth. World uses 50% of freash water, by 2025 that would be 90%. Rain Barrels are a sustainable method of water conservation. #Sustainability #Water #Environment