braille activity using nail polish and note cards.... would be great for a different way of incorporating vocab.

All About Braille Lesson Packet What's Included: -Braille Information Full Page Printable -The Braille Alphabet, 6 cards to a sheet -Full Page of Blank Braille Cells -Braille Spelling Words Practice Sheet -Braille BINGO Cards-7 different designs -Blank Braille BINGO Card-students can fill in letters to make their own BINGO card -BINGO Call Cards for the teacher

braille | Braille Alphabet and Graphics- might be cool to do with nails to make a "secret" pattern

Adorable for math stations! I love the felt and puffy paint for kids who have sensory needs. :)

braille letter font

Teaching the highly distracted child,

suggestions for tactile symbols for blind/visually impaired students to use for schedule systems and communication who are not braille readers

DIY braille alphabet

Hellen Keller...using this chart to have students copy their name in Braille...

Beautiful Large Windy tree wall decal with birdhouse.

ALL ABOUT ME FREEBIE! - this is great for FIRST week of school - so fun!!

Normative Child/Adolescent Development. Interesting site. Concise info for psychoeducation with families

"If I had a pot of gold..." pots of gold craft and story starter for St. Patrick's Day.

Pioneer crafts for kids

Amazing Homeschooling EVERYTHING. So going to make my 4th grader do some of these! Hopefully he will think they are "fun" sheets.

I love these spelling games because they're for one player! Just print and give your child a die for some short vowel spelling practice.

Letter to go with Chrysanthemum story I always do at the beginning of the year - quick fill in for parents of how child got their name.

Native American Lesson Plans, Games, Interactives, Powerpoints, crafts, sites, EVERYTHING about indians!

The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New — Life Learning — Medium

GREAT for non-verbal children :) Includes: •20 posters of functional signs •Smaller hand-outs of signs to send home to parents, as well as hand out to anybody who works with the child teachers •Descriptions for more difficult signs