braille activity using nail polish and note cards.... would be great for a different way of incorporating vocab.

braille | Braille Alphabet and Graphics- might be cool to do with nails to make a "secret" pattern

All About Braille Lesson Packet What's Included: -Braille Information Full Page Printable -The Braille Alphabet, 6 cards to a sheet -Full Page of Blank Braille Cells -Braille Spelling Words Practice Sheet -Braille BINGO Cards-7 different designs -Blank Braille BINGO Card-students can fill in letters to make their own BINGO card -BINGO Call Cards for the teacher

Adorable for math stations! I love the felt and puffy paint for kids who have sensory needs. :)

Puffy Paint Clouds to go with Books, Little Cloud or It Looked Like Spilt Milk

A FREE page by Expressive Monkey. Use this lucky 4-leaf clover to get to know your students better. As they write a sentence about their wishes for their family, the world, a friend and themselves, you'll be surprised about how much you learn about them. This sheet also reinforces the idea people should think about the world and others instead of only themselves for their wishes.

Firefighter printable craft

23 Ways To Communicate With A Non-Verbal Child

Amazing Homeschooling EVERYTHING. So going to make my 4th grader do some of these! Hopefully he will think they are "fun" sheets.

Free download for your Friday Folders to give parents a weekly report of their child!

Here is just one of the many teacher-created sheets to use in your class for students to complete as they fill each others' buckets. (Use this book and sheet: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Free Activity during the school year to encourage community in your classroom.)

Make your own bell shakers

The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New — Life Learning — Medium

Human Body: eyes. neat ideas for teaching about sight, braille, eyes, etc

Class Dojo Parent Letter by Laugh. Eat. Learn.

A great website with a huge variety of activities for introduction of braille to young children.

Read this before every letter writing workshop to reinforce key vocabulary

Cute think before you speak craft - can't wait to use this in my friendship groups!

GREAT for non-verbal children :) Includes: •20 posters of functional signs •Smaller hand-outs of signs to send home to parents, as well as hand out to anybody who works with the child teachers •Descriptions for more difficult signs

Fidget toys: Sensory Issues....for kennedy? ?

FREE Take Home Reading - RED (Read Every Day) Folder and Reading Log