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  • Amber Manor

    like a boss

  • April Haynie

    OMG I LOVE THIS....I laughed so hard I cried....WHOOP WHOOP to the women who did this!!!

  • Liz King

    haha I just died laughing you go girl

  • Jeremy Morgan

    This is another hilarious funny picture from the house of funny. Click the picture to see even more funny stuff! Picture 37 of 61 from gallery

  • Leslie Jones

    Im laughing so hard! Smart woman!

  • Annm

    Humorous Signs | cheating husband, funny signs

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lol..yeah, it's true...but I have gotten over the makeup obsession..I can say my ex showed me how beautiful and I was without makeup and I ended up throwing it all out. I want to get Mac makeup and where it for special occasions.

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I would do this...I am always leaving stuff on the back burner which gets hot if the oven is on. I left the diaper bag, milk, etc...i generally catch it before its too bad though haha.

So Funny ,my best friend Donna had a beloved baby squirrel named Teensie that she rescued - this is for Donna K

Too funny ( Thanks Emily Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Sawyer )

EVERY phone should have this!! I highly dislike drunk texters and dialers.

Funny Confession Ecard: I used to care but I take a pill for that now.

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