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Two women I admire :)

Two women I admire :)

Awesome! Now is this real? Why is this not taught in school lol

the Russian night witches. Sweet ~SheWolf★>> excuse the language, but this is awesome

I admire Princess Diana for using the media and "paps" to bring attention to various causes.

The meeting of two remarkable women, who died within one week of each other! August 1997 Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris. She was only 36 years old. On September Mother Teresa of Calcutta died.

Princess Diana - the woman I admire tremendously and THE ICON of my life!!

Princess Diana - the woman I admire tremendously - her legacy is alive and OH how well growing !

Not from Downton Abbey specifically, but Maggie Smith is just an amazing and beautiful woman. I admire her o much.

Speak your mind even if your voice shakes ~ Maggie Smith (AKA proff McGonagall) I love her

The first woman I admire for her style in 2017 is Linda V Wright. A former model and fashion editor born in Texas who lives in Paris since the 70’s. She has two beautiful daughters a nephew and owns her personal store and luxurious cashmere line. And she’s a mix of the most perfect French,...  Read more »

Dedicated to: Linda V Wright - Blue is in Fashion this Year

Dont interrupt my greatness...

Carry on with your lurking admiration. Yes I'm doing extremely well and yes I know you're watching me. As much as it may pain you, your attempts to ruin my greatness have failed as always, pitiful sap.