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    Beautiful half-up ponytail hairstyle

  • Stella Green

    Beautiful hair color

  • manogna sharma

    Different Pony Tail Styles : DIY Hairstyles, Messy Pony, Knot Pony | Online Fashion Magazine India | Best DIY Blog India | Makeup Tutorial Site | Chic Factor Gazette

  • Karlson

    bouf pony tail... I love big hair!

  • Cassidy Moerke

    perfect fluffy pony tail!! If you are going all the way glam, after grabbing all your hair leave just a strand on the side. Put the rest of the hair on a bun and end the look wrapping the strand of hair left around the band. Finish with a clip. Get some hair spray in your hand and pass it around the hair holding the bun to avoid tiny hairs coming out. #glam hair ideas books styling tools

  • Kate Padilla

    Amazing Pony Tail #Beautiful #Blonde #Hair

  • Nicole - Invitation Boutique

    high pony tail hair styles - Google Search

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