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    • Austin Vietor

      see things like this really show people how words can hurt and generalizing people by race color then adding stereotypes to that really hits people at home

    • Kady Dessirea

      People. Photos. Portraits. Capture. Humans. Faces. Real. Natural. Life. Beings. Love. Equal. Skin. Faces. Lips. Eyes. Hair. Wrinkles. Freckles. Smiles. Tears. Beauty. Selfies. Time. Youth. Wisdom. Years. Truth.

    • Brian Based

      This picture would inspire Emily because she seems to be rooting for the people who are stereotyped by today society. By trying to say people aren't who we think they are,

    • Christina Lasso

      Stereotypes are still around us. This picture shows people and their desire to not be judged or assumed to be a certain way based on a stereotype.

    • Paola Orellana

      I am against stereotyping in any way. Don't judge people because of how they look like and what you think they are.

    • Jennifer Whalen

      This is a few good examples of different stereotypes that exist in our society today. People usually judge each other by their physical appearance and don't realize that their is more that meets the eye. Race, religion, or physical characteristics do not define who we are as people. -Brittany Owen

    • Stormi

      inspiring+quotes+about+equality | Equality / inspiring quotes and sayings - Juxtapost

    • stephanie schwartz

      This one is about stereotypes and judging people by looking at them

    • JandJ Nicastro

      See the person, not the stereotype. Random act?

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