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  • Mia Zoll

    Fabulous idea for kids Temporary tattoos - for vacations, amusement parks, family outings, school field trips, shopping, and any other situation where a child may accidentally stray from you. #kids

  • Shelley Clark

    Bachelorette Party Temporary Tattoos! LOL I love this!!! Would be a good idea for your kids when you are at an amusement park or something like that!

  • Kristin Kelly

    Kid Temporary Tattoos. Excellent for trips to theme parks and such. This is hilarious but would probably be a good idea for kids and drunk people

  • Melissa Rooney

    Who says this should just be for kids??? Temporary tattoos for kids...when you are on vacation, or amusement park. Provides ID/contact info if lost. What a good idea! Lol tagging our property!

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