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  • Kelly Moore

    Roll a Brain Break- Fun!! Need some of this with all the testing! Upper Grades Are Awesome: Pinterest top 10 for next school year #testing #stress #teaching #brain #games

  • Marja Oehrli

    Movement breaks game with dice and more, from your therapy source. Good ideas!

  • Kate

    Dice games for QDF & DPA

  • Charmayne Dobbs

    Freebie - Brain Breaks Game- roll two die and take a break to move and energize the class

  • Marilyn Buchanan

    New Freebie - Brain Breaks Game - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins (ADAPT FOR FAMILY NIGHT, GAMES FOR TEACHERS FOR VARIOUS LESSON PLANS, ETC.--MB)

  • Suzy Cox

    Ten Pin Linky Week Two: Classroom Management

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Brain Breaks For The Classroom. This pack is HUGE with 52 brain breaks AND an editable file to add your own!

brain breaks, could be used for adults too. may put this in my planner - anything to stay focused!

Brain Breaks For ANY Grade! Get your students movin' and groovin' to get the wiggles out. You'll motivate them to learn by doing these quick and easy breaks in your class. I saw amazing results as soon as I started using these!

3rd Grade Thoughts: Brain Breaks Revisited: Better Than Ever & A Giveaway!

This is a collection of 35 different Brain Breaks for the classroom. These can be used as transitions, breaks in the middle of an activity, somethi...

whole brain teaching - I began my journey with this this past year...going to add to my repertoire this year...

I love her brain break video clips!...If you play these vids you will easily be the coolest teacher in the building!

Brain Breaks....great idea for academically heavy days!

Love this.... I used 5-4-3-2-1 with a fourth grade class last semester. There were too many students to do jumping jacks, so we shook out each hand then each foot. So, it was a 5-5-5-5, 4-4-4-4-, get the picture. They loved it, and it helped them get refocused.

20 Brain Break clips from Teach.Train.Love (Best part- She put them through a student-friendly filter so no images or text will pop up like they do on YouTube!)