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    • JustOneWayTicket | Travel

      Funny signs in the Tokyo subway. More cool images in the article "Tokyo - 9 Facts About The Most Fascinating And Bizarre City In The World" (click on the image to read) - via @Just1WayTicket

    • Alvin Shiguefuzi


    • Ali Hajipour

      Tokyo Metro ( 東京 メトロ) Manners Posters. October 2008. [2008年10月]

    • Lithy ^^

      Tokyo Metro Manner Poster 庭でやろう。 Please do it in the yard.

    • InventorSpot

      Japanese Subway Manner Posters Train Passengers to Behave

    • InventorSpot

      Tokyo Metro's Manner Poster Series Scolds Subway Slobs

    • EAST

      Tokyo Metro Subway Manner Posters #JapaneseDesign

    • Wennie

      Japanese Train Advertising - Tokyo Metro

    • Ha Eun Kim

      (7) bunpei yorifuji | Tumblr

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