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who has time to think of this stuff. get a life - still mindblowing that it works

i literally wake up almost every night at 2-3 am and seriously feel like im being watched

Why I stay up late

I hate this fact. Whenever I wake up beween the hours of 2 and 3 am, the first thing I think of is this stupid fact. It probably isn't even a fact.

I have to try this next time I babysit! We will watch Despicable Me 2 and try this!

Nerdy Fact-- you can call the number on Lucy from Despicable card & get a voicemail, etc. except it would be a geeky fact

Genius. Pure genius. Because procrastinators are lazy, not dumb.

Dumb Student Late Assignment

the things people come up with. Wonder if it works? lol (not that I could have ever done that when I was in school because we couldn't do homework assignments on the computer and email a teacher) :)

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How smart is your right foot?: While sitting, lift your foot and make clockwise circles. then draw anticlockwise circles in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

I found in about 2 seconds.

Share this if you could find the number 8 within a minute<< I did it under 10 seconds>> just cross your eyes and it will appear

Actually does sound like "G'day mate" no matter how you say it.

Funny Pictures, Jokes and Gifs / Animations: Funny Fact You Will Surely Sound…

I'm done...I've never been so mind blown!

Some Very Small Epiphanies That Will Change Your Outlook On Everyday Life. Change your outlook

Pick a number from 1-100. Okay thanks

Pick a number from 1-100.

Funny pictures about Pick a number. Oh, and cool pics about Pick a number. Also, Pick a number.

Some funny google tricks ... heart, binary and the Mordor ones didn't work for me, but the rest did!

Some funny google tricks

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 61 Pics I tried these but found that only two of them worked on my Mac computer. The Zerg rush (which is quite fun actually) and the Atari breakout