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Awesome stove

Oh how I wish vintage stoves had windows in their oven doors.then this would be my dream stove/oven. Not in green of course, still not sure what color will look good with the yellow paint I have selected for the kitchen, but I'd probably get m

Ahhh.... another vintage Chambers stove.... W*A*N*T!

Cape Codder - 4th of July Drink with Pop Rocks

don't really think the cabinets flow but i love the white with green and that vintage stove!

old stove

to the green & white wood-burning stove I remember in our kitchen when I was a wee kid or so). It was our only stove in that house.

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Loving the color of these, but after my current stove I don& plan to ever not have a flat top again

colorful vintage kitchen.

Kitchen:Yellow Vintage Kitchen Luxury Interior Design Idea Creative Vintage Kitchen Design with Retro Cabinetry

This looks like my Grandma's. I so wanted to find a way to keep it when they sold their house.

- a Chambers Stove in the original finish! - Then I clicked through to see where this Stove lived.

How beautiful is this kitchen

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Absolutely love the two toned kitchen cabinets & backsplash. I like how they added the green inside the upper cabinets to tie it all together. What a fun way to add color!


LOVE THE STOVE! To ensure the vintage apple green stove remains the kitchen's focal point, designer Regina Bilotta ditched the original plan of dark, stained kitchen cabinets, deciding to paint them a bright white instead.

Oh my god this is amazing. Reproduction vintage stove. I want one SO BAD. Gorgeous.

Retro looks, Century bells & whistles from Elmira Stove Works. Ok girls, here is a stove and oven combo if you are going to be needing one in the near future. It is adorable and new. Love the retro look.

Awesome vintage cooktop with multiple ovens and warming drawers.

Yes, I know this is NOT in my kitchen, but the next kitchen I do will be designed around it. 57 inch O'Keefe and Merritt Town and Country Stove.

Used (normal wear) - Vintage gas stove. Has rebuilt safety valves, pilot lights, and thermocouplings.