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    • Matthew Rappaport

      Running with the Bulls with Steve Anthony Herrera while enjoying Tapas, Sangria and more+ #miniNYChirl

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    #nychirl2 is coming - FRIDAY, AUGUST 10 at 9pm = FREE NYC CONCERT The Living Room NY Ryan Van Sickle & Rebecca Perl Poster by @mike searle

    Matt Rappaport uses his #rappavision to capture an Amazing Day in Central Park, Chinatown, and Battery Park as he meets up with 50 fellow Plussers to not just take beautiful pictures but to laugh, chat and H.I.R.L. (H.angout I.n R.eal L.ife)! The NYC Google+ One Year Anniversary Photowalk & H.I.R.L. in Central Park was held on Saturday, June 30, 2012 A pleasure meeting everyone and a special thanks to Vivienne Gucwa for planning/leading the event!

    Matthew Rappaport brings footage of a lot of memories, laughter, fun, rock, and plus from his many experiences meeting a lot of amazing people in real life from online to offline ... all over the world. He shows a lot of his bonus #nychirl footage and other H.I.R.L. (Hangouts In Real Life) video in this Fun, epic romp down MEMORY LANE! H.I.R.L. Page on Google+ :

    Matthew Rappaport with @bruce garber at the #nychirl HQ Feb 2012

    Air Guitar with the @ryan van sickle Pick he signed and gave me at @nychirl .. over G+ Caffeine Juice

    LOTS of nyc H.I.R.L. action while just seeing @ryan van sickle & @heather fay ..about to see @daria musk ! !

    EPIC #nychirl action on the Brooklyn Bridge during #WTCphotowalk Awesome to see +Plustastic gather us all together for some +H.I.R.L.-ventures! Sweet comicbook in the making.. +Tim Clary !Tim Clary originally shared this post:NYC HIRL Envelope Art for Daniel Enloein Envelope Art (3 photos)More photos from Tim Clary

    Someone got stuck at the N.Y.C. H.I.R.L. bathroom the toilet paper RAN OUT! DOH! Hence, Art was created!

    Smilin' it up at the #nychirl with Nick B and Lynette Young and some Rebecca Perl!

    Man, +Tim Clary was BORN A Allman Brothers - Ramblin' Man THIS GUY KNOWS HOW TO +H.I.R.L. in NYC and all over... Rumors are he went skiing, hiking, and made friends with a Lion ... after he departed The Big Apple +jussayin

    The man who needs a refill on his #buxx #beer, who wants #mohirl so he can put them on his +Pinterests, and also the guy who interrupts hosts +Hangout Conversations, you would probably know him for his blurry many photos from the #nychirl or maybe his posts about +foodporn, +Path, +Pluskateers, and also his +Reshare s !PS - G+ Achievement Unlocked!

    #Stormtroopers at the #nychirl

    Sweet H.I.R.L. sammie with myself, Lynette Young and Peter G. McDermott ..taken by Rayan Bouajram

    Here I am with Neeta, Viv, and Jason during the #miniNYChirl

    Running with the Bulls with Steve Anthony Herrera while enjoying Tapas, Sangria and more+ #miniNYChirl

    Stormtrooping at the #nychirl HQ in Feb 2012

    Hangout Conversations LIVE w/Matt Rappaport - Another awesome picture taken by Brian McDonald

    Amazing skyline photo by Brian McDonald!

    At The Living Room with Anna Lowry, Carter Gibson and Daria Musk! 2/3/12

    G+ Stuck on Matthew Rappaport #WTCphotowalk