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  • Ashley Funkhouser

    New take on the puppy chow! Cake Batter Muddy Buddies: Melt 10 oz. vanilla almond bark, thin with vegetable oil if needed. Pour over 5 cups of Rice Chex stirring thoroughly. Shake on some sprinkles. Mix 3/4 c. yellow cake batter an 1/4 c. powdered sugar. Put in a large bag with Cereal and shake until it is well coated. Pour cereal into a container and seal. Discard excess powder mix.

  • Angela Molini

    Cake Batter Muddy Buddies aka Cake Puppy Chow!

  • Patti Karol

    Cake Batter Muddy Buddies - oh yeah... @Dani Karol loved the white chocolate puppy chow I tried, and she LOVES birthday cake ice cream... seems like this is a similar combo!!

  • Kara Brandt

    Cake Batter Muddy Buddies (chex mix) Ingredients 5 cups Rice Chex cereal 10 ounces (5 squares) vanilla flavored Almond Bark or candy coating (like CandiQuik found at Walmart and Target) 3/4 cup yellow cake mix 1/4 cup powdered sugar colored sprinkles vegetable shortening, optional

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cake batter muddy buddies Here are my edits: 6c chex 1 pk (6 squares) white choc 1/2 stick butter (to thin out choc) 1/2 c GF yellow cake mix 1/4 c powdered sugar sprinkles

Combined chocolate Candiquik with a 3.5oz Green & Black’s Mint Chocolate bar and melted them together. It was the perfect amount of mint needed in this chocolate combination. I know Nestle also sells dark chocolate and mint morsels. Those would work too! I also added in some mint m candies that I found at Target. It gave them such a cute color, perfect for St.Patty’s Day!

[recipe] Cake Batter Muddy Buddies: "You could use any flavor of cake mix, but I think yellow has the strongest cake batter flavor. That may all be in my head, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Once you add the cake mix to the almond bark covered Chex mix, put it in a covered container or a large bag and shake it like a Polaroid picture."


Cake Batter Sprinkles Fudge - 2 C + 2 Tbsp cake mix, 2 C powdered sugar, 1/2 C (1 stick) butter, cut into 4 pieces, 1/4 C milk, 2/3 C white chocolate chips, 1/2 C sprinkles. food

Orange Creamsicle Muddy Buddies - only four ingredients. {The Girl Who Ate Everything}

Cake Batter Martini......I have never had a martini before but OMG does this sound delicious!!!!

Into your blender or Vitamix, add all of the ingredients and blend until creamy.  Place in individual bowls and refrigerate for 1 hour or freeze for a nice frozen treat.  Top with sprinkles and enjoy!

Cake batter popcorn - the easiest and yummiest treat you will ever make! Only takes 5 minutes and 4 ingredients to make!