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    Young Bleed is a Rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Active since 1997 Young Bleed has 1 Gold Album called My Balls And My Word on No Limit Records and also was signed by Tech N9ne on Strange Music label Strange Lane. Young Bleed also has a book titled Preserved on

  • Joey Mucha

    What ever happened to the No Limit Records tank?

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PJ Harvey (born 9 October 1969) is an English musician, singer-songwriter, composer and occasional artist. Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she is also proficient with a wide range of instruments including piano, organ, bass, saxophone, harmonica, and most recently, the autoharp.

I try to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies. I try and laugh about it, hiding the tears in my eyes, 'cause boys don't cry

Kurt Cobain and baby Frances. She gained her father's lovely eyes and indelible artistic talent.

Iggy Pop “Nobody understands me, I'm really sensitive.” Wonder if he kept a straight face?

On December 3, 1976, someone tried to take Bob Marley's life. He was shot twice, but still played two days later. People asked him why he still performed and didn't rest and he said, "The people who are making this world worse don't take a day off, how can I?" Bob Marley tried to make the world a better place through music and I plan on doing that someday.

Musicians mugshots: Top: Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Middle: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison (the Doors), David Bowie, Bottom: Mick Jagger (the Rolling Stones), Janis Joplin, Curt Kobain (Nirvana)

Fiona Apple - one of the most soulful singer/songwriters I've ever encountered. a genuine lyrical mastermind.

in another life he was my husband i swear! love the Doord Jim Morrison is a poet and the most talented lyrical god i have ever come to listen to

2Pac on one of four covers for our December 20, 2012-January 3, 2013 issue. earliest exposure to rap. Loved it after that.