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from Marie Antoinette's Playhouse

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Marie de Medici in coronation dress, by Frans II Pourbus the Younger (1610). The Beau Sancy sits atop the coronation crown Passed down through the Royal Families of France, England, Prussia and the House of Orange, the 34.98 carat modified pear double rose cut diamond, which experts say came from the Golconda region in India, has been the silent, glittering witness of 400 years of European history. Most notably, the stone sat atop the magnificent crown worn by Marie de Medici in 1610

Princess Louise-Marie of France (1737–1787), by Jean-Marc Nattier (1685-1766), 1748. Known as Madame Louise, she was daughter of Louis XV, shown here in a court dress and holding a basket of flowers. Grand cabinet du Dauphin , Château de Versailles.