Showing a tip to all my Pinterest friends! this article shows perfectly how I have shed 26 pounds last month!

Inspriring and she has a great playlist for working out

Here are 40 sneaky ways to burn extra calories during the day, without any extra training!

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22 ex for a perfect butt...

Do this routine before every shower: 50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, 30 second plank and 7 burpees.

next time you want to eat fast food...look at this photo first

Tighten and tone with these moves!

Do you feel bad about yourself? Do you have issues accepting your body? Take things into your own hands by losing weight. You will find a list of useful tips in this article to help you to adopt healthier eating habits and start your own exercise routine.


Bod and a tan

perfect summer body

Spring is here and I finally lost that last 24 lbs. If you're interested too, view !

Exercising on an empty stomach burns calories from muscle, not from fat. Interesting. 25 tips on why you might not be losing weight

30 day shred, hour of cardio. A really great blog on how she lost the weight. This thing is crazy

Losing 80 pounds in 5 months?!? When I first began my journey I was hoping to be 200 by the new year, it's insane to think that I have lost an extra 50 pounds than my original goal! This is my new blog on tumblr, and it is a fitness and weight loss blog about how I lost 80 pounds in 5 months with just a tad bit of determination, some willpower, an easy diet, walking on the treadclimber and an easy workout!! E-mail me at mailto:corinth_fr... if you have any questions, or comment on my bl...