This guy is my hero. Chris brown is such an idiot

Win for Russia there!

Hahahahaha WIN


hahaha yet true

Best pic ever

makes me laugh every time.

A compliment is a compliment no matter who it comes from.

Remember when Jamie Foxx said Miley Cyrus would end up on a stripper pole and had to apologize? Betty White #funny

Chris Seems Like A Pretty Great Guy...

i dont know why i found this so hilarious

but really

Hahaha that's awesome

I seriously cried!! THIS is the funniest six and a half minutes on the internet. Drew Carey laughed so hard he cried. Just watch it.

He just won the Internet

Dwight Schrute is the most awesome character on The Office...FALSE. He is the most awesome character on all of television.

Emma Stone wins Best Sister of the Year award.

What's the laziest thing you've ever done

Ive met some pricks in my time but you sir, are a fucking cactus.

Lmfao about my period

literally the funniest thing ever