#powerpatate #créativité Creative People...these are some thoughts that could be challenged. Even those who like rules can be creative in their own way....fuel for mind maps.


creativity takes courage - henri matisse - quotes about life, quotes about creativity

50 Gorgeously Illustrated Typography Quotes To Kickstart Your Creativity – Design School #creativity #inspiration #quotes

Create a beautiful life...

'Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play' - Henri Matisse #creative #creativity #quote

Life is short. Smile while you have teeth!

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This Year...I want one more chance to get it back all that was taken from me. My life... my mind and the love of my life... I deserve it because I was able to keep my soul.

This is your life

words to live by

Rules of a Creator's Life. Finally, I see that someone else agrees. I can now say that I AM playing by the rules.

Delicious ambiguity...

Good things come to those who work their asses of and never give up.

Be grateful for the things you have in your life..


love this..

that one rule

So true

Free will, Free thought, Free life