Primary chorister helps - she's fabulous!

Flip Charts for Primary Songs from: The Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister

SINGING TIME IDEA: (Activity:  Now We Know Our Primary Songs)  Write a song with your primary as you review, master, and check-off the songs for the 2014 Primary Program.

Lesson Plans of an OCD Primary Chorister: Activity: Now We Know Our Primary Songs

SINGING TIME IDEA: Singo - Bingo for singing time

Singo Bingo for singing time. Kind of a lot of work initially, but looks like fun. Even better if I could design it in a way so the songs can be changed according to what we are working on.

Primary Pianist Appreciation: Primary kids sing song to the pianist, to the tune of "I Love to See the Temple"

Red light, green light game for singing using yarn. (Good for inner hearing.

Balloon Popping Meter Chart This week I made a balloon meter to check if the children were ready for the Primary Program.  As the children sang a song, someone pulled the ribbon that was attached…

Balloon Popping meter: as the children sing well, a leader pulls on the ribbon from behind. If the kids have mastered a song, the balloon makes it to the top, where it is popped. If all the songs are mastered, the kids get tootsie "pops.

LDS Reverent and Wiggle Song List

LDS Reverent and Wiggle Song List

how to help your primary kids (or your own kids!) to sing louder in music time or family home evening. |

LDS Primary & Sharing Time Singing Ideas & Help

how to encourage children to sing louder in any setting (classroom, playgroup, family, etc). the bigger ben's bubblegum gets, the louder they sing! She has TONS of great ideas for Primary Singing Time.

LDS Primary Props SO many ideas for singing time!

LDS Primary Props SO many ideas for singing time! Fun singing time game to reinforce words

Brilliant idea for a kid activity... Class parties, singing time

SINGING TIME IDEA: Sing Like Angry Birds! could do this with loads of themes- animals, weather etc. good starter activity for music + any subject really

susan fitch design: "Do As I'm Doing" action cards

Wiggle activity susan fitch design: Do As Im Doing action cards - 12 DIFFERENT actions for Primary song "Do As I'm Doing"