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Douglas Adams has always been someone I liked since I discovered him and what he did for the sci-fi community. - #DouglasAdams #intentions #WhereIneedToBe #journey #directions #life #destination





you know what they say about assuming things...

things to do when you are sad

The six perfections (paramitas) in Buddhism are considered "invaluable qualities” that develop during a Buddhist practice.

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1 Peter 3:3-4. Every girl should have this framed in their bedroom & bathrooms. Put on Canvas

The good life

The true measure of an individual!

Inspirations. I try to live by this. Try to put myself in the person's position even if they've done me wrong before I judge them. That sometimes, however, leads to people walking all over you once you forgive too easily. (But you've still done the right thing.)


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Fill the holes of their lives with pieces of you.

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