Juno, a rescue Belgian Malinois, who acts as a service dog for Lucas, a little boy with Sanfilippo syndrome

Lucas & Juno

Ptsd service dogs... I bet service dogs could help a lot of people who suffer from mental illness.

"Ricky" was in three homes and about to be euthanized for high energy before being rescued and trained as a working dog. Now he sniffs out explosives :)

Wounded Warrior Service Dog, with Marine.

Panda Power

"Lily, a great dane lost his eyesight due to a rare disease. He became disheartened until he met Madison. They have been together for 5 years and Madison guides Lily by the leash and touches him to make sure he doesn't stumble over anything." True Friendship. Wow~

Rocky Ridge Refuge is an amazing rescue. Run by one woman, she has taken in everything from cats and dogs to capybaras and a zebra. All arrive at the refuge with physical challenges. She fixes their bodies and their spirits; somehow her love for them seems catching. Her photos show how caring they are with each other. 

Heartbroken Dog Cries on Owner's Grave - Incredibly Touching - Inspirational Videos....This is one of the most touching things you'll ever see. At the grave of it's recently departed owner, this heartbroken dog began crying on her tombstone. It's just another testament that dogs are truly special creatures of God...they are angels with fur!

Service Dog Information Card These would be great to carry with me!

Best Buddies :)

Love is love. Daisy Mae, a former dogfighting bait dog is now a loving therapy dog who cuddles with the elderly and frail, and allows small children to hold her tight when they are undergoing painful medical procedures. Click to read her story.


article from A & M

War Dogs

Police Dog

Graduating service dog. They're heroes in my book. :-)

This is a wonderful vintage picture of a little boy and his Pit Bull praying together before bed

Service Dog Harness Vest with Saddlebags http://www.spartadog.com/products/service-dog-harness-vest-wtih-saddlebags

Unconditional love - no matter your path in life, a dog will always follow and be by your side.