ZIG ZAG Race for fine motor control

Weaving through a rainbow- Fun activity that encourages balance, motor planning, coordination and body awareness. Teacher read “A Rainbow of My Own” by Don Freeman to go with the activity. Great pic as well, can be a group activity

fine motor control

Two Tape Activities for Kids


Mazes for Motor skills

Colorful Pom Pom Tube drop activity. Great for color matching and fine motor development. They could even use tweezers to pick up and place the pom poms for more fine motor exercise.

fine motor projects

Designing Life: Four Fabulous Fine Motor Skill Activities for Preschoolers

Magnet fine motor skill activity montessori inspired by AlenaSani

Strengthen fine motor skills using clothespins - aka the 'claw grabbing machine'

Colour sorting and fine motor activity for preschoolers

A salt tray station for letter practice | #handwriting #teaching

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skill Building | Water Dropper Practice

Quick and easy ideas for setting up a frog / pond life small world play scene for kids. Great activity for kids to foster creativity, imagination, story telling and fine motor skills.

A great fine motor activity

Schrijfdans met auto's (JufJulide)

Games such as hopscotch and the one pictured help develop a 3-5 year old's gross motor skills. By jumping on one foot and spinning around, a child learns their centre of gravity and their sense of balance.

Fine Motor Skills

counting and fine motor!