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Exhibition - European Community Pavilion Expo 1958 Brussels (brochure back cover) / www.travelbrochur...

Lignum Pavilion / Frei + Saarinen Architekten - The untreated wooden structure is so simple but very effective; the bareness of the wood is emphasised by the spinal structured design. The effect created by the direction of light is very innovative.

Swiss National Exhibition of 1964 in Lausanne from Schweizerische Polierzeitung, the Swiss Construction Foremen Magazine.

Buckminster Fuller, Architectural drawing of a Geodesic Hanger, 1951

MMX uses scaffolding and canvas to build a cluster of origami-like pavilions in Mexico City.

Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The architecture, greatly inspired by the great surrealist, “combines elements of the classical and the fantastical,” according to the director of the museum. The design speaks to the essence of Dalí while incorporating functional elements to combat Florida’s tough weather.