Lettera d'amore di Jackie Jennedy a JFK il giorno dell'assassinio.

JACKIE KENNEDY’S LOVE LETTER TO JFK. Letter written by Jackie Kennedy on the day of the assassination. this is what lana del rey is saying at the end of the national anthem music video.

Let everyone see what they have done to him.Leaving the Blood on herself and clothing. Jacqueline Kennedy Blood-Stained Suit | Jackie Kennedy with Bobby Kennedy after John F. Kennedy was shot.

Jackie with Bobby Kennedy shortly after John Kennedy's assassination. She is still wearing the pink suit.

100 Years of Change…

100 Years of Change…

100 Years of Change in American society. Then vs Now. Infographics America and American life. Check it out, it's full of fun facts!

John F. Kennedy, restaurant Alfredo, Rome, 1963.

John F. Kennedy getting served fettuccine by Alfredo Di Lelio at the restaurant Alfredo in Rome, 1963 ~Via Anna O'Keeffe

The History Place - John F. Kennedy Photo History: The President: Caroline and John Dance

The History Place - John F. Kennedy Photo History: The President, Caroline and John John dance in the oval office.

Video unreleased JFK assassination - Much of this is unfamiliar to most people. The first video ends and is followed by the more familiar Zapruder film.

The Men Who Really Killed Kennedy : Documentary on the JFK Assassination Conspiracy