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Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Downton Abbey, Spooks/MI-5, Robin Hood, Pride & Prejudice, North and South, any literary film adaptation...

Nerd Girl Problem #4: British men ruin all chances of finding a suitable boyfriend

Oh would you look at that it's the story of my life with James Bond DX UGGHHH PEOPLE IT'S AMAZING XD WATCH IT!!

Im Not A Nerd Girl But I Do Love Me Some Big Bang Theory And Especially Some Sheldon Cooper :)

Even if I take my time and read my copy twice just in case someone else finish in the meantime, I always get bored and leave O.o.

I'm addicted to Google and Bing for this very reason. Anytime something comes up I don't know about my husband just looks at me while I scrabble for my iPhone and says "Google".

and then getting the blank stare, which is when I realize I just told them more than they ever wanted to know...

tell me about it! It buffered while we were watching Doctor Who, at the end of the Doomsday episode!!! Totally killed the gut wrenching moment

Yesterday I had to explain to my roommate why I said "and not ginger" after she called me rude.

This happens far too often and is the most depressing thing for a writer. EVER. Other than computer crashes and harddrive failures.

I so do this.. Hey Hannahh will you help me figure out this problem "uhh I don't know how either"

So I guess "Did you watch the (Doctor Who/Firefly/Eureka/Star Trek/Warehouse 13/Sanctuary/Supernatural/Twilight Zone/Harry Potter/Etc) marathon last weekend?" doesn't qualify?