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  • Robyn Hayes

    this is so funny my mom @Traci Puk Puk Morse needs this =)

  • Jeanne Wallace

    I spent 1.5 house cleaning this kitchen. If you mess it up.... I will cut you

  • Tracy Zarzan

    I spend 1.5 hours cleaning this kitchen. if you mess it up... I will cut you. Love, Mom (I love this! I want a sign just like this that says love, your wife)

  • Marla Greene

    Says "I spent 1.5 hours cleaning this kitchen. IF YOU MESS IT UP...I WILL CUT YOU <3 Mom" Hahaha! Too bad only 1 kid can read! But all 3 understand my sarcastic ways ;-)

  • Jenny Ritter

    Sadly, I've texted this to my mother after cleaning the kitchen so I KNOW I'll do it as a mom. Lol whoops!

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