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  • Araceli Gamboa

    Together is my favorite place to be. | #love #sexy #romance #couples #sleep #cuddle

  • LS Fuch

    I Do want you to sleep in my snuggle close & let me hold you tight! I miss you so much!! I know I tell you all the time but I am so in love with you!!! Sweet Dreams Baby! I'll hold you tight!!! :-*:-*:-* I Love YOU!!!!!

  • Karina Mandora

    together favourite place love quotes relatable feelings romantic romance relationship

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Let things go...they are heavy.

I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies, so that you can learn to trust no one but yourself and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. -Marilyn Monroe

love it. If this doesn't make the recipient smile then you gave it to the wrong person.

Ladies Love Cool James by Lee Crutchley | Quoteskine, via Flickr

"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts"

Being alone is better than being with someone who does not appreciate your love.

firm believer in this. there is no greater happiness than that of the one experienced after having gone through some sort of major tribulation in your life

I will not be any man's half-time...and I held that attitude when I was single. Pinner said: By waiting for the right man in the right time I found the love of my life and it proves the saying that "anything worth having is worth waiting for."

I love clever signs in home decor. It's totally a weakness of mine right now. I could completely overdo it if given the chance.

To thrive in life you need three bones A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone. Reba McEntire