Doily Candle Holders: Press a doily around a balloon, coat it with a stiffening liquid (starch or glue), set to dry, and then remove the balloon. Source: spirello

doilies with fabric stiftner

Add lace to boring $ store candles to make them look amazing in whatever color you like

You need: Old crochet doilies A balloon Wallpaper glue Soke the doilies in the glue, and stick them on the balloon. I used five doilies. Let the doilies overlap a little bit. Hang the balloon to dry. My doilies are quite thick, and needed at least a day to dry. When its dry you prick the balloon, and voila - you have a beautiful candleholder:)

Twine Lanterns - DIY Garden Lighting Ideas

This would be cute to make with leaves (real or fake) mod podge them around a balloon that has been sprayed with cooking spray, modpodge leaves on then pop ballon when dry and you have a beautiful piece of art

doily lamp

DIY: Lace cake dome made by stiffening lace over a bowl


doily bowls

String Spheres: These add a whimsical touch to any table decor. Blow up balloons to a medium size, so they keep a ball shape. Wrap the balloons with yarn and cover them with fabric stiffener. When completely dry, pop the balloons an remove them. Arrange the spheres in a line down the center of a long table with accents of flowers and candles. You can also hang these from ceiling for added elegance. Lights can be added too, like this cluster of three spheres from StuffByJenB on Etsy!

This simple project is made by soaking cloth doilies in sugar starch and then forming it around a balloon. One the starch dries, pop the balloon and you have a romantic tea light holder that can be used as part of your tablescape.

This would be a nice gift....the website is in another language so we will have to go with what the other pinner said: I bet that this can be made by adhering doilies to a balloon and then popping the balloon. Mod Podge project....

50+ Doily Project Ideas

Hula Hoop Chandelier | Cheap Hanging String Light Chandelier Design by DIY Ready

Hessian & Lace Glass Jars Tealight Holders (Country / Rustic / Vintage Wedding Props Decor) Australia. $14.95, via Etsy.

We did this but used water balloons for Easter ( not filled with water ;) ) and took friendship bracket string, took an entire wound and wrapped it around the aired up balloon ,after the string being dipped in liquid glue I think it was, and let dry over night, easily we got eighty something in bright Easter colors in the shape of eggs and usedthem for decoration :)

Making paper lanterns is easy if you have a plastic cup, a paper doily and some glue! Paper lantern crafts for easy, pretty table decor.

Boho chic DIY dream catcher

Hanging string balls. You just wrap glue dipped string around a balloon and once its dry, just pop the balloon