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  • Emily McGill

    perhaps a new tattoo...

  • Anne Perry

    Entrepreneurs value freedom, arguably above all else. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs got into business in the first place because they sought out some combination of the following five types of freedom.

  • Take My Word For It!

    “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou

  • Monique Chhabra

    Blog by Bethany Butzer, Ph.D., Mental Health & Wellness Advisor Would you rather be comfortable or free? AMAZING article

  • Lisa Bond

    "You’ll feel like a bird, all of a sudden, locked up in a cage and you didn’t feel that way yesterday. You’ll feel desperate to get out and fly to the place that God’s prepared for you, and the Lord will open the door." - Pastor John Kilpatrick

  • Jocelyn Melisa

    Don't put a bird in a cage...for it is meant to be free.

  • Mackenzie Schill

    Cool tattoo idea

Related Pins I wish I could paint like this. Watercolor is SUCH a difficult medium.

"Katie Daisy is a great artist. About this painting she writes; "I created this piece to instill that we are all free to fly... be it by traveling, reading books, or being free in the mind. Perhaps you're not as stuck as you imagine?" So liberating =)

Chapter 2: Janie is not free to be who she wants. Nanny arranged for her to marry Lorgan, rather than Johnny Taylor who she doesnt approve of. Janie is trapped from being who she really is and from her personal happiness.

Maybe perfectionism isn't about how crisp you press your shirts, but your attitude about enough...For All Of Us Who Think We're Not Perfectionists |

birdcage and birds on two arms.=

"your wings already exist. all you have to do is FLY." does. I no longer fear going "home" or his drunken rages, or that he will come into the room, or that he will slam me against the wall, pin me down, throw things at me....the list is endless...the relief of divorce is absolute.

all i need print 5x7 by hillarybird on Etsy, $15.00