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  • Linda M.

    Exiled from their home, the Kmhmu’ hill tribe people began relocating to the United States when the Communist regime assumed power in Laos. It has been and continues to be a difficult transition for the Kmhmu’ people. Sister Michaela’s service to the Kmhmu’ encompass a full range of humanitarian support including English as a second language, preserving Kmhmu’ culture and history in their new home, and supporting this group in their devotion as new Catholics in the American Church.

  • Holy Family Sisters

    Sisters of the Holy Family Kmhmu' Ministry

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Please God, Find Me A Husband! by Simone Lia -- “I thought it’s taking a big risk because I know people are quite anti-Catholic. It’s a cultural thing that goes far back,” she said. “But it’s also fashionable to be an atheist, especially in the comics industry, which is aimed at a young, metropolitan demographic, and rarely touches on religion in a positive way. I think by accident I’ve done something quite rebellious.”

Bishop Sheen 24 hours of free Sheen talks!

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Inside the Vatican


Common misconceptions - Things Catholics Do Not Believe

Love the addict, not the addiction. Love the prostitute, not the prostitution. Love the homosexual, not homosexuality (nor incest nor polygamy). Love the person by helping them turn away from the choices that damage their soul- just as Jesus sympathized with the woman in Luke 7:36-50 and Zacchaeus but His teachings led them out of promiscuity and greed, respectively.

Defend Marriage!

Apps keep track of conclave while the Vaticans under a tech lockdown

Pope Benedict


Here's a cool interactive guide for the process of the Conclave and the pope’s election. (from Vatican Insider)- Interesting!!!

Thinking about upcoming Conclave :)

Beautiful stories of those who found their way home to the Catholic Church. Enjoy!

Beautiful stories of those who found their way home to the Catholic Church. Enjoy!

A top 20 bucket list, Catholic style

Catholics can get a Papal Wedding Blessing from the Holy Father; there are many different styles of certificates, as I have noticed. The certificate certifies that he has given his blessing, and is a wonderful keepsake of one's wedding day. I know that I would like to get one when I get married! Here's how to go about getting one:

The Pope's Christmas Eve homily: "There is no room for him. Not even in our feelings and desires is there any room for him. We want ourselves. We want what we can seize hold of, we want happiness that is within our reach, we want our plans and purposes to succeed. We are so 'full' of ourselves that there is no room left for God." He tells it like it is.

"Even as the first disciples faced a pagan world which had not even heard of our Lord, Jesus Christ, so, we too face a culture which is forgetful of God and hostile to His law." ~great words from Cardinal Burke.

Just one of the reasons why I appreciate the Catholic Church “Truth is not determined by a majority vote.” Pope Benedict XVI #Magisterium #tRCot

Catholic Answers

Catholic homeschool blog.

Beautiful stories of those who found their way home to the Catholic Church. Enjoy!

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