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    These small and amazing animal images open the door to fabulous discussions with students! Talk about how animals are born/fed/grow! Talk about how a species must care for the little ones (including tiny humans)! Your imagination - and your students' imaginations - can take this in so many directions! Happy teaching!

    When i get older, I dont care what anyone says. No one is stoping me from getting a pet teacup pig. They are the cutest things ever! Favorite animal EVER.

    Piggy cuddling with a piggy!

    I WANNA SHEEP FOR CHRISTMAS!!! U GOT THAT GUYS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Going to be building this when I have some spare time and money...might have to build it for two

    "This is Farm Sanctuary’s new rescued piglet, Eric. I can’t. ERIC IS A PIG HUGGING ANOTHER PIG. I am giving Farm Sanctuary everything I have. This is why I’m vegan. This pig is so spiritually rich, I love him so much. I can’t even form sentences right now."

    funny dog pictures - Somehow, this looks a lot more comfortable when cat does it....

    Baby animals- I've actually held a baby skunk before...it was so dang adorable :)

    Baby things always look so sweet; pity they have to grow up; especially human baby things!

    Animals with their babies Check more at hrenoten.com