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How to Grow Persimmons From Seed-going to try this with seeds from Baka's tree

7 Tips to Start Seeds in the Winter. This would be something cool to do with your kids. It really makes them feel proud when they see something they helped create. When you and the kids harvest the garden, they will be extra proud and excited that they helped to "make" the food and may make them more likely to eat their creations; win, win. This starts in late Feb to early March!

Recycle your old newspapers into plant pots for seedlings. When it's time, transfer them straight to the soil - they're biodegradable!!

Your garden can yield even more pleasure after the growing season ends. Gather flower seeds, taking care to keep each variety separate. Remove any debris, such as leaves or stems, and dry in small batches in a warm, dry spot. Create packets by downloading the templates below for eight different types of flower seeds, plus a blank packet on which you can write the name of any seed not listed here. Package and date each batch, and share your favorite blooms with friends and family.

Post a mailbox in the more trips to garage for garden tools. What a great idea!

Go vertical with veggies! Space saving ideas for those with limited room.

outdoor fireplace. modern pergola. hurricane lanterns along linear path flanked by grasses and heuchera

Repurposing materials in the garden is a great way to add budget-friendly accents to a cottage landscape. Think beyond a container's initial purpose and see what it can be used for. If a water fountain no longer retains water, fill it with soil for a cascading display of succulents, sedums, and other plants.

www.littleandlewi... This is one AWESOME concrete sphere used as a water garden.

badminton: hauntedwoods:alextyson:The World of Cactus & Succulents (1977) B-D

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