oh sheldon :)

Dean had to die a thousand times but Sam had to watch... Supernatiral Season 3 "Mystery Spot"

The Big Bang Theory!

I hope we all realize that Dean gets the MOST angry when Sam starts mentioning Cas with other people

Ah, the toad of truth!

My Netflix paused on the most awkward part and spazzed a bit, replaying it several times before continuing onto the actual replay in the show.

The Big Bang Theory

One of my fave scenes. And the one where Dean was on the airplane. Too funny! Supernatural

big bang theory

Another Scary Cat Scream pin - never fails to make me laugh!

LOL - Sheldon

Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens / Rey and Stormtrooper

Love Sheldon!

11x20 Don't Call Me Shurley - I know I'm a disappointment, but you're wrong about humanity - Metatron to Chuck!God; Supernatural

sheldon & big bang theory <3

How is a kid's show able to rip my heart apart with a scene like this?!


Fangirling over Dean, don't mind me. *sudden realization* I've become one of them.... oh god what has happened to m........HEY LOOK DEAN. I have issues okay don't talk to me T-T

'Big Bang Theory' cast surprises audience with 'Call Me Maybe' flash mob

I love this scene and episode. I loved Rory and Logan when they first got together, but the writers had to wreck it.

big bang theory