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café, Paris (I am certain I have eaten here...a delicious croque Monsieur )

Cafe table in Paris - I don't know if this is a cafe I've been to but it's quintessential Paris.

France. I wanna go back when I'm old and I have enough money to stay in a real hotel and no one will care that I want to do more than go to clubs and get drunk. 'Cause its not like France is famous for its food, culture, wine, architecture, art museums, land marks, and countryside....oh wait.

Nauplion, Peloponnisos, GR ~ If I ever get to Greece, I'd like to go here.

Eating, drinking, in the city, on the sidewalk. No other place does it quite like Paris.

Rita Crane Photography: France / Paris / Bistro / Cafe / Restaurant / Bicycle / Lampost / Historic Cafe / brasserie / red / Bar le Baltard, Marais District, Paris

Even though I'm definitely not an artist..One day I see myself painting in front of one of this Paris Cafe's :)

The service is slow on purpose. People don't hurry out of a cafe - they discuss Sartre, or Chanel.