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IT, zo'n enge clown.... Brrr... Goeie film!

Trance, steengoeie film!

Midnight in Paris, een mooie wegdroom film!

Sleepers, fantastic film!


The Last Horror Film

Pennywise the Clown - It (1990)

"The Raven" (2012). Seen yesterday... My type of film! Nice...

Schindler's List, impressive

Little Women

It (1990) In 1960, seven outcast kids known as "The Loser Club" fight an evil demon who poses as a child-killing clown. 30 years later, they are called back to fight the same clown again. Richard Thomas, Tim Reid, Annette O'Toole...horror

Read this in Junior High and absolutely fell in love with it. Probably my favorite Stephen King novel.

Jesús Prudencio’s love for both cars and films inspired him to make a series of movie posters featuring an iconic car from each film.

Resident Evil

The Name of the Rose (1986)

IT - this movie got me over my fear of clowns :) mainly because I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show before I ever saw this so now whenever I see a clown I think of tim curry as a transvestite. How can you be scared when your thinking of that? Lol

Cloud Atlas; an extremely elaborate way of telling people that even one droplet in the ocean matters, it CAN really make the waves turn... I loved it...

Pet Sematary by David Moscati

bruce willis

It's Kind of a Funny Story

The Book Thief. This was a good movie. Surprised by it and enjoyed it quite a bit.