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By 1877, the Nez Perce leader, Chief Joseph, became disgusted by the broken treaty promises of the US Government. Rather than continue to fight a superior force, he decided to join Sitting Bull in Canada. In just over 3 months Joseph led his 700 Nez Perce, 500 of which were women, old men and children, nearly 1500 miles, from Oregon to Montana, traversing some of the roughest terrain in North America on their little Appaloosas. The US Cavalry pursued but could not catch the Nez Perce ponies.

One of the earliest photos of a Native American with a wolf. Unlike the myths about wolves created by settlers, Indians maintained a close and respectful relationship with wolves.

You are viewing an original photograph of a Tipi in the Snow. The photo was taken by Curtis in 1908. The picture shows two men on horseback in front of a Tipi.

Jay Tavarese Lives his Movie Roles. His mother is a White-Mountain-Apache, He is Deeply Rooted in the Traditions of his Ancestors.

A young Ute Indian warrior and his dog. Uintah valley, eastern slope of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah. Photo by J.K.Hillers, Powell Expedition, 1873. Courtesy Utah Historical Society | chief | cherokee | native american indian | mans best friend | history