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  • Linda Gunter Hattermann

    Shaving Cream Painted Easter Egg Craft . . . We've done marbeling with shaving cream to make gift wrap paper, and it IS messy; but the way it turns out is amazing, and it is really a wondrous project! I like the idea of making an Easter egg shape using this media-- You could also use any other pre-cut shape (stars/ hearts/ people/ a vase or guitar or . . .) def gonna try this

  • Sandy Minott

    shaving cream painted easter eggs -make them into Easter Cards - attach a photo ...

  • I Heart Couture

    Shaving cream Easter egg painting #Easter kid's craft

  • Ruth Hanley

    Easter Craft: shaving cream painted easter eggs

  • John Ahlers

    Shaving cream Easter Eggs! What a cool idea! Well have to try these out. #shavingcream

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Shaving Cream Painted Easter Egg Cards I can't believe we have never tried shaving cream painting! This was so much fun and the results were really amazing.

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Shaving Cream Painting. Shaving cream sprayed into a tray with drops of paint on top. Kids have a fork and swirl it. Place paper over top when done and peel off

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We did this in my classroom this year and the leaves turned out AWESOME. The kids loved it and my supervisor took them around to show other teachers. Super Easy too if you are not afraid to get a little messy. :)

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