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    My dad was joking about how if he found out that one of his kids was gay, he'd make them leave the h

    I want to like you and let you in.

    I know when I go off to college, I'll be able to get treatment for my self injury issues.

    I realized something.

    I daydream a lot.

    My laptop charger is right next to my ear.


    The last time I walked my dog he fell into a ditch.

    I lost my legs, and people often ask how it happened.

    My best friend since Kindergarten just came out to me and told me who her girlfriend was.

    I see you.

    When I get mad at my friends, I go on Google Translate, type in what I have to say, memorize it in whatever language I c

    We were just playing around.

    I read about a girl on here who drew flowers on her arms instead of cutting.

    My best friend who recently came out as gay was being verbally bullied badly.

    Sometimes I joke with my friends about my cat being my best friend.

    You call me a Princess.

    I recently lost my job.

    Nine months ago I found out I was pregnant.

    I desperately want to lose my memory.

    I think I'm in love with you.

    I don't know if this is a real secret but,

    I poured everything into that one email.

    My friend got into a car accident.

    I hallucinate.