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I have a black-light in my room and when I get really down I find a highlighter and write down every mean thing I've bee

I want to ditch my couch and put a bed in the living room with lots of pillows.

Yesterday in the theatre dressing room, I saw that one of the girls had scars all over her thighs from cutting.


the #bohemian, #bohemian bedroom

dorm room

I'm in LOVE with this boho little girls room, not baby but like 3-9 yr old? So cute!

i want a room like this\

Hipster bedroom <<< I'm not even hipster -.-

Photo picture wall idea college collage teen bedroom dorm room: Wall Collage, Wall Decor

blacklights. I need these and a disco ball and I'll be set. I already have a KISS poster and a Bon Jovi poster so hey why not?


Telling you what I've done to myself was the scariest thing I've ever went through.

Everyone cares about the girl in the corner with two black eyes and a knife held to her wrist.

This guy I like lives four doors down, and is the sweetest, cutest guy in the world.

The day I got my puppy, I held her in my arms and kissed her forehead.

I lost my notebook today.

My sister and I were in a fight.

My best friend made me a pillow for Christmas.

I hate myself and the way I look.