by jenny bowers Works well in a kids room

A very interesting piece of design though a bit too detailed for my idea I believe, but I really like the colour scheme of it as well as it uses one bright colour in a company of darker and more subtle colours

When Metropolitan Home did a feature on Ray's home, designer Jonathan Adler saw the piece. After falling in love with the collages, he called Ray up to sell originals in his store. Although Ray had licensed his work out before, this was a foray into a completely different type of work. It was the launching pad for many more collaborations. This piece: "Cirrosa"

Kitchen Aid Mixer – Experiment #1

Coastal Beach Inspired Abstract RENEW in blues greens by JodiOhl, $375.00 new original in the shop

Helen Dealtry watercolours

wax paper over paint... don't know why I got that idea from this... wonder if that could be interesting...

Kathleen Waterloo | Grid, 2010 | encaustic on panel, 9"x9" sm

Felt Tip Print by Daniel Eatock (Contemporary Graphic Design)


This makes me think I could have the little kids finger paint and fill up a whole sheet of paper, maybe repeating patterns or doing a gradient... Emily Green watercolour print

Luli Sánchez |

Watercolor Painting Floral Pattern Colorful Gouache Archival Print 11x14 #colors #floral #fleur

Random dotted lines, black, red and cream #officetrends #inspiration #patterns

kayla Newell: amateur mason, april 2014 watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil pastel, and glitter on paper,

What a fun fabric for my earthy home. Would have to change a few other things, but how fun!


How To Zentangle Patterns | – Instructions for Drawing Abstract Repeating Patterns ...

Pattern Play Tutti Fruiti. Watercolor print fabric from P. Kaufmann Textiles -100% linen multi purpose fabric for light use upholstery, drapery, pillow covers, top of the bed, chair cushions or any home décor decorating project. Repeat; V 25.25" x H 27". 54" wide. Unbranded soil and stain repellant finish.

Free Pattern Downloads from Jen at Willowmark Works | Design*Sponge | Bloglovin'

Dear Hancock gift wrap & greeting cards - easy diy idea