• Joyann Grayson

    Pillow room: don't spend money on couches or lounge chairs and buy a really nice movie screen. This is the media room we need in our dream house

  • Aida Ramos

    Home Theater Room Design | pillow room: don't spend money on couches or lounge chairs and buy a ...

  • Erica Rae

    Spare room = pillow movie room! Don't spend money on couches or lounge chairs rather, buy a nice movie screen & fill the room with a ton a large pillows! You can hit up all those curb alerts & take the cushions & reupholster them for really cheap too! this is smart

  • Jillian Harkins

    Pillow Home Theater Cinema Theatre Movie Room Internet Marketing

  • Home & Decor Ideas

    this living room is a home theater room with scattered floor cushions - looks comfy!

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Beachside dining room.

Lots of books, lots of frames. Perfect.

Simple. Symmetrical. Stunning.

...ok pseudo-interior :) I want to read there!

Simply beautiful (Photo by Henry Bourne).

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall bookshelves. I'm a book buying fiend.

Oscar de la Renta.

Attic bedroom with bookcase. OMG.

Image Via: SF Girl By Bay.

Bursts of yellow really 'pop' in this stunning black and white space. (Photography by Donna Griffith).

Parisian dream in white.

Classy! Maybe not for my house but I could definitely stay here a while.

Stunning living space.

Walk-in closet.

I want this library. How much fun to fill it!

Light and airy dining. Gorgeous and sunny during the day. Fairy lights at night.

Amazing bookcase. I would love this in my Sydney abode.

So pretty and vibrant.

Exposed walls and nice big windows.

Lovely light space. In a weekend country house I think.

I want to dance in this room.

Beautiful. LOVE nice high ceilings.

Wine pantry.

Room with a view.