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Alphabet Spoons-put upper case letter on white, lower case letter on clear then kids match!

Capital letter on white spoon - Lower case letter on clear spoon - match them up. You could put the lower case letter on the back of the white spoon to help out the younger kids, then take it off later in the school year.

The Activity Mom: Number Towers...what an easy number recognition and ordering activity!!! @ Juxtapost.com

The Activity Mom: Number Towers.what an easy number recognition and ordering activity! Could be done for teen numbers or crossing the decades (tens) etc.

Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten: Pumpkin 'Picking' For ABC's!

Pumpkin ABC's: children pull a letter from the pumpkin and mark it off their recording sheet. Great for pumpkin week work stations!

Letter Pounding-styrofoam, golf tees, a permanent marker, and a toy hammer. Visual perceptual, fine motor, bilateral. Could then have kiddo put a marble on top of the golf tee for more fine motor. Lots of things you can adapt for this activity...Mount on wall to work shoulder girdle

Sight Word and Letter Pounding

Letter or number Pounding! Write the letters on Styrofoam and then tell the child a letter. He must find the letter that you say before pounding in a golf tee. Great for fine motor skills and so fun for kids!

# 13- emergent writing I would use this in a writing center. Standard LL 7: Develop familiarity with writing implements, conventions, and emerging skills to communicate through written representations, symbols, and letters. LL 7 Indicators: • Use a variety of writing tools in an appropriate manner showing increasing muscular control. (4.1)

Emergent Writing: This activity lets kids use sand to write letters and words. You can use different tools to practice writing. This helps them better writing skills.

The Adventures of Bear: See and Spell.  Fine motor needed for pinning and placing.  Maybe another idea for clothes pins as well?

My daughter is too old for the letter matching task, but love the idea of the clothes-pins. Going to make more complicated, teen-friendly game and use the clothes-pin instead. They would be great for her fine-motor skills and hand strength.