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This Citrus Peeler Tool makes opening an orange, grapefruit, and more SO much easier and less messy!

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DIY : How to make a tutorial- simple !from paper into a box. Fold a second box from a square ~1/4" smaller and you have a box with a matching lid. Great for reusing old maps, calendar pictures, etc.

How to cover a duvet the EASY way in UNDER two minutes! Who knew it could be this simple?! The comments speak for themselves, people LOVE this timesaving life hack! makinglemonadeblo...

Prevent mold on cheese... take a paper towel and fold it down to about a 2 x 2 inch square. I then dampened the paper towel with vinegar. Barely damp, just enough that you can tell it is damp. Wrap cheese in the paper towel and place inside a Ziploc bag and return to the refrigerator.

DIY heated igloo for stray cats #straycats #rescuecats #outdoorcats


Line flower pots with coffee filters to stop soil from falling through the drainage hole

Cool idea for cooking bacon when out camping, save that skillet for eggs and 'shrooms on the side :)

HOW TO KEEP YOUR FOOD DRY IN A COOLER WHILE CAMPING Genius !!! Place ice and cans at the bottom of the cooler. Place cooling racks on top of the cans. Now you have a nice dry shelf to place food on. - Outdoor Ideas

Garden tips...


Orange Vinegar cleaner - Add orange peels (or any citrus peel) to a quart of white vinegar in a closed container and let it set for two weeks. Combine citrus/vinegar solution half/half with water and use for cleaning. Works on floors, tile, fixtures, etc. Smells good and is tough on scum! Best of all there are no chemicals.

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10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home.

pin now, consider later...iCloud for Beginners...because I have no idea how the heck to work it

This blog has tons of excellent tips on how to de-clutter one's life. Pin Now - Read Later

Home organizing - perfect the tee shirt fold and save tons of room in drawers with increased visibility and no more tumbling piles!

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20 Popular Pinterest Tips That Do NOT Work

Health & Fitness :)

If you are working on a small project, store thread or cotton in a tea infuser for safekeeping while traveling.