Third prize winner was Gary Cox, with a photo of a wood mouse with a blackberry, which judges said showed a common mammal, often overlooked and under-appreciated, in an extraordinary way.


Harvest Mouse


Get the mouse!

A Long-eared Jerboa is a hopping desert rodent.

Mouse in snow

Tick Tock, Mouse on a Clock by Matt Binstead

Little Mouse

littlest mouse

mouse with glasses

A harvest mouse near Cousset, in Switzerland [Photo: Etienne Francey]

Africa | "Rare Sighting". Serval Cat. Serengeti National Park. ....i want one daddy. get me one NOW.



...Julie Milne, from South East England, won second place with an image of a fox licking a window. The Mammal Society's chief executive Marina Pacheco commented: 'Foxes have hit the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. However, this image helps to challenge misconceptions and shows an engaging side to the distant cousin of man's best friend...'

Wood Mouse

Common Mouse Opossum - Pixdaus

Mama Mouse & Her Baby

Echidna - one of two egg laying mammals