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thehappyprojectblog: Please think happy thoughts. Thinking negatively doesn’t do much good. Don’t worry about the things you can not control. Don’t stress over the bad drivers who cut you off (when that driver could be your mother’s friend, your pastor or your classmate). Just be positive. Be optimistic. Be happy.

More ideas than time...unfortunately, very true in my life...although, I would also add the word "money"!

hitting nail on head. "ENFPs abhor routine and get bored very easily. They value spontaneity and variety. As a result ENFPs are usually unconventional. They can spend their lives in one career but it more common for them to move from one interesting project or organisation to another."

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She Made Broken Look Beautiful- beautiful quote for a layout about mom or grandma

I just want pretty things and a pair of wings. Quote for edge of painting?

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