• Stephanie Schwartz

    Benchwright Floor Mirror - Living Room in front of the stairs

  • Kim Connor

    DIY Mirrors as Good as Pottery Barn's

  • Robin Lowe Ekblad

    The pottery Barn *Jeanette from Homa Style had actually just made two wood-framed floor mirrors when she saw that Pottery Barn had almost the spitting image of them on their website for $499. Jeanette made her oversized mirrors for a total of $105 using mirrors from sliding closet doors bought at a yard sale. Large mirrors can be waaay expensive, so I love how Jeanette revamped the closet doors. Her mirrors are both gorgeous!

  • Anna Martin

    Wall Mirrors, Decorative Mirrors & Round Mirrors | Pottery Barn

  • Krista Dabel

    Benchwright Floor Mirror | Pottery Barn Leaning mirror for Master Bedroom

  • Trina Gorsuch

    Benchwright Floor Mirror #pb big mirror is a must in my house.

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