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You could do something like this!

Wood Burn-this is the technique I use for my children's illustrations! Lovely

Wood burned earrings- how cool are these?!?!

Wood burning tip guide. In case anyone hasn't been able to work out what the finished result will look like just by looking at the tip ;)

The Hivernant Axe, with wood burn'd handle - There was a glorious time in history when fur trading gentlemen with gnarly beards ventured deep into the wilds of North America to procure high ends goods desired by civilized culture around the world. The word 'Hivernant' is french for ‘winterer’, and was the title earned by a french fur trader once he graduated to spending a winter out in the wild places. Hivernant was a title of pride and respect among these men.

Kitsch illustrations on pine wood using a pyrography tool.