clear ball ornament + glue stick + epsom salt... that simple

Ornament, glue stick, Epsom salt

Clear ornament ball dipped in glue then dipped in epsom salts! looks like snow!!

Clear Christmas ornaments

Clear Ball Ornaments

Christmas tree fish tank ornament! Omg the kids are going to love making these for the Christmas tree. Awesome DIY craft using the clear ornament balls. I am so glad I found this how cute!

A nature holiday tree- trunk wrapped with natural twine-clear balls with moss & sprigs of Christmas greenery.

Snowball Candle Holders Made with Epsom Salt #candle #decor #christmas #DIY #crafts

Glass ball ornaments. Christmas activity for the kids.

Design your own ornaments: Transform clear plastic balls with washi tape.

I like this idea- clear glass ball with beads and wire spirals inside.

How to Make Christmas Light Balls - Christmas Lights, Etc Blog

christmas balls in lantern

Clear glass balls (available at most craft stores), coated inside with thin glue called Glitter It, then added glitter with a small funnel and embellished. Can also use a floor wax to get the glue to stick. Any thin, pourable glue will do as long as it is fairly clear.

spray paint through lace onto clear ornament.

The Ultimate Collection of Clear Ball Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #Ornaments #HolidayCrafts

Styrofoam balls, sprayed with glue and then rolled in glitter. Much cheaper than huge ornaments.

Buttons, glue, felt tip pens : )

Clear Wrapped Ornament

Vintage Glitter Snowball

DIY ornament - Clear Christmas ornament and acrylic paint!