Breaking the Bottle {how to}

Here is how to easily cut a glass bottle - using acetone (nail polish remover) and string/yarn!

How to Cut a Wine Bottle Easily

How to cut a glass bottle in 30 sec. BETTER THAN YARN AND FINGERNAIL POLISH REMOVER way.

How to cut glass. Easy!

Transform your wine bottles into small gardens

How to make Homemade Mod Podge -with only 2 ingredients.

Recycle your beer bottles.

Cutting wine bottles

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

This site could be very dangerous! It has a million DIY projects! Pin now read later....and don't blame me if become addicted to this one!

Recycled glass bottles turned into cheese cutting boards.

Wine bottle craft ideas. NOW I know how to cut the glass bottles... This has opened a world of opportunities!!!

Ecofriendly wine bottles

How to drill a hole in a jar and put lights in it.--Good to know for those wine bottles and mason jars

More Life Hacks Here

1. Buy plates from Dollar Store 2. Write things with a Sharpie 3. Bake for 30 mins in a150 oven and its permanent! Put recipe on, give as gift, they keep the recipe plate! Cute idea!

Most of us would buy expensive vases at the department stores. But if you take time to look around your house you'll find plain bottles and these bottles can be gorgeous with a little colorful paints to add. Recycled bottles into beautiful vases or whatever you like to do with it.

Spray paint? Did you know you can make your own spray paint? All you need is a spray bottle and acrylic paint. Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part water and shake to mix.- SMALL PROJECT PERFECT..fantastic #DIYSprayPaint

Say one kind thing to everyone you meet today.

new way of using your Alcohol beverage bottle